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Here comes the politics

February 21, 2007

Queen Elizabeth II visited the White House on July 7th, 1976. In an address, she made reference to the United State’s first Ambassador to Britain, John Adams: “John Adams, America’s first Ambassador, said to my ancestor, King George III, that it was his desire to help with the restoration of ‘the old good nature and the old good humor between our peoples.’ That restoration has long been made, and the links of language, tradition, and personal contact have maintained it.”

Her Majesty’s statement shows a keen insight into diplomacy, especially coming out of a withered throwback from the Middle Ages. She’s telling us that the virtues of communication and understanding is what allowed two countries who briefly (in the grand scheme of things) were bitter enemies to commence and nurture diplomatic ties that continue to this day.

I think that understanding of a country is dependent on an understanding of it’s culture, it’s traditions, and it’s people and any interaction without that understanding is doomed to be fraught with problems. The continuing failure of the US’ diplomatic relations underscores what seems to be the core of this administrations diplomatic theory: say whatever you like, but we won’t listen unless you agree with us. The amazing hubris of our current diplomatic relations will have future students of diplomatic theory shaking their heads and chuckling in amazement.

It’s not just international relations that deserves scrutiny, either. Looks at the plight of the detainees in Gitmo who because of fairly devious planning are subject to being held with no rights for as long as this administration pleases.
Through it’s lack of understanding og the rights of these detainees, the administration can turn its back on them and in turn, turn their backs on the very spirit of our justice system: Innocent until proven guilty. Also, take a look at the constant struggle of the GLBT community to gain nothing more than equal rights in this country. The government and the religious right’s misunderstanding of their lives and their culture allows them to turn their backs on AMERICAN CITIZENS, people who are no different than anyone else.

Understanding your friends and your opponents only leads to wisdom and learned decisions. Ignorance is never bliss. Ignorance is a ridiculous mockery of everything the human race has struggled for, and only leads to confusion and inevitable destruction.

Where does that leave this administration and the vocal majority in the history books?

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