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Point, Counterpoint

February 16, 2007

This is the face of an angel, taken no more than 10 minutes ago. To look at her is to see hope in the future and to fear future innocence lost. I see this face, and am reminded of my older daughter, who was the first new addition to my family and I feel heartened and tempered by it’s completion with Shannon.

This is the face of an alien bio-machine, who at the time of this picture was busy shitting through her third diaper in 15 minutes. 5 minutes after this photo was taken, this face will be screaming bloody murder while pissing through two changing pads and one change of clothes as I try to maneuver a wet-wipe through what seems to have become four arms and three sets of legs, which have spontaneously grown for the sole purpose of keeping said wet-wipe away from her crap and piss-stained ass. The face of an angel? No, but I love the little ankle-biter anyways.

I have to, it’s the law.

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