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1 Day Ago: Trick or Treating

November 1, 2008

Well, it’s over. The ghosts and goblins have had their day, the costumes have migrated to the dress-up crate, and we have packing the decorations away to look forward to. There’s a small amount of melancholy that I feel every time Halloween passes by, especially when I miss fun stuff like the Newark Halloween parade, which is always a blast. However, we have two more fun holidays coming up with their own sets of events, decorations, and mirth!

We had a great time trick-or-treating last night. I took Erin and Shannon out while there was still a bit of light. The silver sliver of a crescent moon was in the sky with Venus and Jupiter on either side, and the kids took an impressive haul in the short time we were out. One of the best parts of trick-or-treating is walking the neighborhood and rating the neighbors’ decorations. One house on Meadowood Drive had an impressive display with a creepy sounds CD playing, ghosts in the garden, and spectral face on their tree.

Erin and I dropped off Shannon and Erin took a quick rest while I got my costume on. Then, out into the darkness for more trick-or-treating! The sun was completely down by this point and the streets were full of other revelers. I gave my first scare almost right away as Erin and I approached a couple of teens. They made scared little noises when they recognized my costume, then screamed and ran when I lunged at them with my plastic axe! Heheheh!

Erin continued to get a huge alms for the por in candy, and I got my second screams of the night. A couple of adult ladies were waiting at the end of a driveway, saw me and laughed at the costume. As we passed by, they turned to talk to each other, so I stopped silently and faced them. When they turned and saw me there, they screamed nicely, while I and other treaters laughed at them. Muahahaha!

One big disappointment for the night was the loss of a great Halloween display on Rockrose, as the people who dd it ever year aparently moved away. That was the display that I loved to see every year, and it’s a shame not to see it again.

Well, here’s pics of the Halloween parade and from last night. Enjoy!

Ready for the parade

Constitution float

Blue Hen

Costume trial

All dressed up

Ready to go

Tuckered out

Well, that’s about it for 31 Days of Halloween. Hope you all have enjoyed the feature, and I also hope I can think of something else to write about. Single-minded focus is not always a good thing!

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