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12 Days: Decorating!

October 19, 2008

 Ah, one of the big joys of the year: putting up the Halloween decorations and transforming the house into something a little more eerie for the season! My parents did little in the way of Halloween decorations, sticking mainly to the cheap cardboard ones stuck in the window with a piece of Scotch tape. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Now that I have a family and a home to decorate, I guess we go a little bit further in our decorating! We range from cheesy skull and pumpkin garland to replacing our normal pictures with skeletal sketches of the same scene.

I hope you enjoy the photos below! As always, click the picture for the full-size/detail.

We started with the outside, where we have a graveyard with a light-up skeleton and hard foam bones. Also in our little tree, we have our giant spider and more bones scattered under. Last are two of my favorites, the hanging ghoul and beckoning pirate skull!

Grave and bones 

Garden 2 

Garden 1 

The spider's feast 

Ghoul on front porch 

The pirate beckons! 

In the dining room, we have skull sconces, assorted knicknacks on the buffet, and black curtains with orange lights.

Sconce 1 

Dining room 2 

Dining room 

To the living room, where we have a Halloween town, and small decorations all over the place.

Holloween town 1 

Halloween town 2 

Witch, skull, technoskull 

End table 

Living room doorway 

Lastly, we have my favorites, the skeletal remakes of our paintings. I will post the original then the sketch for each except for the last. The original of that one was disposed of.

Pepe before 

Pepe after 

Cafe before 

Cafe after 

Cyclist before 

Cyclist after 

Danse Macabre

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pics. Now, let’s hear about some of your favorite decorations!

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