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Halloween Quickie: Stranger than fiction

October 18, 2008

Sewer workers were digging in front of an Ann Arbor home to find that the walkway to the front door was paved with grave markers. They pulled out nins of the paving stones to get to the sewer line before flipping one over to find inscribed on the stone:

Beloved Wife, Mother

Viola T. Bagnasco


There are 51 of the grave markers making up the walkway, only a few of which had to be moved for the sewer work. Current owner of the home is David Barsan, who just moved in with his fiancee less than a eek before the creepy discovery. His hope is that they are just misprints of gravestone orders, and is not sure whether he will keep the morbid path.

What a pussy! If I was lucky enough to find something like that in my yard, I’d turn them all over, then put creepy lighting around it on Halloween. Maybe some animatronic zombies bursting from the nearby earth.

And it turns out that his hope is correct.

Daneen Mabley, who lived in the Westfield Avenue home with her husband and family for 25 years until 2003, said the couple who owned the house before them installed the walkway.

One of the two, Mabley said, had a relative in the monument-making business. And the high-quality, 1×2-foot slabs they used for the walkway all had typos, misspellings or miscuts, Mabley said. (source)

Gravestone misprints are often used for other purposes, such as foundations or building markers, or fish tank bottoms. Whether or not there were bodies buried under these stones, they are still a grim reminder of 51 people that met their ultimate fate, AND THEY SHOULD BE MY GODDAMN DECORATIONS!

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