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Taboo topic: guard your manhood

September 5, 2008

I want to talk about mancrushes. According to Wikipedia, a mancrush is:

A term that usually describes a man that admires another man, and or is jealous of him, and or wants to be him. It does not mean the man is gay, it just means that they identify very closely with that member of the same sex more than what it usually is normal, but still below what would make them gay.

Urban Dictionary supports the non-sexual definition of the mancrush, so you ubermen out there can take some comfort and possibly read on.

So, when a guy (or dude) has a mancrush, he closely identifies or wants to be more like another dude (or guy). So, I’m going to break the taboo for a minute and talk about my mancrushes. I will alleviate some of our more male paranoid dudes by using the word “dude” in reference to men.

  1. Mike Rowe – Mike is the leading dude of the Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs and also narrates Deadliest catch. While I am now a white-collar piece of shit, I grew up in a very blue-collar family and still have that frame of mind for a lot of things. Mike brings white and blue together by making intelligent literary jokes or using big words while cleaning or making useful such things as human feces. His ability to blend white and blue collar is the root of my admiration. Think about it, you have to love a dude that can quote Shakespeare with his hand up a cows ass.
  2. Phil Plait – The Bad Astronomer actually has read M-BA once or twice, so I hope he will understand I don’t want his man-parts. Phil has a great sense of humor and is a perfect teacher of things scientific. Phil gives us ironclad refutations of stupid shit like the moon landing hoax, makes it easy to understand and entertaining through humor and excitement for the topic. If I was able to accomplish the same, people might actually read this blog.
  3. Penn Jillette – where Phil Plait is the gentle funny skeptic, Penn is the motherfucker in a clown suit with a sledgehammer. Penn shows his disdain for all things woo with endless mockery and profanity. This dude is not afraid of calling accupuncturists “fucking idiots” whic is exactly what the fucking idiots sometimes need. Yes, sticking a needle in my funny bone makes my chi flow better… in fucking fantasy land!
  4. Neil DeGrasse-Tyson – astronomer and science educator, this man has been on the Daily Show, well at least mor tha I have. Dr. Tyson presents science in a way that is easy and exciting for the general population, and his entusiasm for both is infectious. Dude is wicked smaht!
  5. Gary Gygax – Gary is now a corpse, so any lingering doubts that the mancrush is sexual in nature should feel relieved. Gary is responsible for most of the more imaginitive points of my life, and by that I mean super-long D&D sessions. Dude made that shit up. Imaginative, creative, and died poor. Who wouldn’t want to be this dude?

So, that’s five of the dudes that I admire and inspire me to think and write the way that I do. There are others, but these are a randomized list of the dudes that I thought of. So, dudes, who are your mancrushes? Ladies, who are your ladycrushes?

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  1. Meggie permalink
    September 5, 2008 4:30 pm

    Ladycrushes….hmmmmm……anyone that I say would probably be met with much disdain, but here goes.

    I truly do admire Hillary. She may be a bitch, but women with strength such as hers generally are referred to as bitches. She is an incredibly intelligent woman who has always held her head high, even in the face of controversy. She has been an icon in social and political avenues as well as “fighting the good fight” for things such as AIDS education, education, health care. I do believe that she will continue in her quest for President and believe that when America is ready, she WILL be our first female president.

  2. September 6, 2008 7:52 am

    Dude is wicked smaht!

    LOL!! From “Good Will Hunting,” right?

  3. September 6, 2008 10:12 am

    My girl-crush at the moment has to be Sarah Palin. I think she rocks: tough, smart, and feminine.

    I asked Chainsaw if he had any man-crushes and he said “Hell No !”. Methinks he doth protest too much LOL. I think he kind of has a man-crush on Mike Rowe as well, he just won’t admit it.

  4. September 6, 2008 10:32 am


    I can understand some people supporting Palin, but I have to admit, your support of her throws me for a loop.

    She’s for the war on drugs, super-christian, anti-gay rights, tried to ban books… It just doesn’t seem to the kind of behavior that someone like you would find attractive.

  5. September 6, 2008 10:34 am

    You got it, Hube 🙂

  6. September 7, 2008 11:10 am

    Here is my list of mancrushes:

    1. Joe Strummer, yeah he’s dead, but as the spiritual leader of The Clash he had a great influence over my life in terms of politics and music.
    2. Jim Harrison – Author who is holed up in the Upper Penisula has written many a fine novels and books of poetry. Years ago he use to drink at a bar where my dad bar-tended. He also has one eye just like me, though my useless eye is not glass.
    3. Cristiano Ronaldo, the best footballer in the world. Okay, he has no redeeming human aspects as he is a spoiled and petulant little bastard. The one thing he can do is play football with grace and style. My man crush might border on the sexual side as Ronaldo is just dreamy.
    4. John Sayles who consistently puts out great movie after great movie.
    5. The Boss, Bruce Sprinsteen.

  7. September 8, 2008 2:54 pm

    “She’s for the war on drugs, super-christian, anti-gay rights, tried to ban books… It just doesn’t seem to the kind of behavior that someone like you would find attractive.”

    Joe, most of the items you mention here have been debunked. But, since I respect your opinion and need to expand on mine by addressing these very issues, I guess you are forcing me to write a thoughtful post. I hate when that happens ! But, it is a good thing. Unless we examine our own opinions, we aren’t worth the space we take up in this world.

  8. imparmopy permalink
    January 21, 2009 4:38 pm

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