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Sarah Palin – nomination for VP

August 30, 2008

Well, McCain finally did something maverick-y. He selected Sara Palin as his running mate for his lackluster race for President.

Sarah Palin was elected governor of Alaska in 2006. Before that, she was on the Wasilla City Council from 1992-1996, Mayor of Wasilla from 1996-2002, failed a bid for Lt. Gov. in 2002, and served on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003-2004.

Frankly, I know little about her, except that she’s pro-life and a whistleblower against her fellow Republicans. McCain may have to watch out for that if he’s going to be Bush the Third. However, I think it is awfully hypocritical of the McCain campaign to spend so much time citing Obama’s lack of experience, which was their strongest message against him (if not their only one), then pick someone with even less.

Not that I think a lack of hard experience is the most convincing argument against a candidate, I’m just not a fan of hypocrisy. The fact that McCain chose Palin shows that he thinks his own arguments against Obama are irrelevant, and doesn’t have a real handle on his message, at least as it pertains to Obama.

I’m thinking we have even less to worry about now.

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