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Kudos to the other side

August 7, 2008

Since I’m pretty much a shut-in, I didn’t see the billboard rented by the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason on I-95. The billboard simply stated “Don’t believe in God? You’re not alone.” Sadly, this kind of sentiment actually serves to remind a non-theist that there are those like them out there, and is a cry for what secular people in this nation need: a community. I know first-hand how difficult it is to find a kindred heart, and my efforts I make are hampered by my own sense of individuality as they are by fear of “coming out of the closet”. The PCoR has done good work here!

Once the lease for the PCoRs advertisement was up, a group known as Holy Souls Ministries jumped on it. On the same billboard, they put up an ad that said, “Brought to you by God, the Father”. No website or credit was given on the board. Holy Souls Ministries deserves a large donation of thanks and respect for this. Why? Because, though the man that paid for the religious message, Joe Vetri, is obviously a very religious man, he did not use the rented adspace to attack the previous message of secularism. In fact, he’s not even returning phone calls for an interview about the rental.

Readers of this blog have seen the hate that the religious can fire back with. But, Holy Souls Ministries and Joe Vetri showed restraint and simply put up an opposing viewpoint without attacking the secular people of the area. They did not imply that we atheists “hate America”, they did not imply that they were the one truth. They rented the billboard and said, Brought to you by what we believe in, and left bitter attacks out of it.

This, my friends, is class all the way. In God We Trust could learn a thing or two from the Holy Souls Ministries, who not only holds to their beliefs, but doesn’t use those beliefs to attack the secular from a high horse.

h/t to Shirley Vandever (the hottie) for the article

Also, I was unable to find a website for Holy Souls Ministries. I will glady link it if someone supplies one! I would also very much like to send a thank you note to them.

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