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Why Atheism: Appendix I

March 17, 2008

I know it’s unusual to have the appendix out before the end of the story, but I need to respond to some things that kavips stated in his always excellent Outside the Perimeter:

But while my topic is on religion, Joe M. takes us down an interesting road, on one at least I have never been. We are on his odyssey to discover his search for the absence of religion, having spiraled down through Catholicism, to Wicca-ism, and now through the mid-years. Somehow thorough the shallowness of his experiences I can sense why he feels he must pursue that quest…….were my life experiences the same as his, I wonder if logic would have taken me on a similar journey. But my experiences were quite different, and propelled me in a different direction. So to find out what was missed…we await the fourth Canto.

First, my search was anything but a search for the absense of religion. It was an evolving search to find a religion that suited me, and a connection to god. Second, I need to take umbrage with the phrases “spiraled down” and “shallowness of his experiences”. “Spiralled down” invokes the idea that this was a downhill journey to a bad place. This is not the case at all. While the journey did have its ups and downs, the end result was nothing short of complete contentment with a greater understanding of who I am. To me, that is nothing near a downward spiral.

As to the “shallowness of my experiences”, this was not a feeling that I meant to impart in the slightest. Every one of them is absolutely cherished as an experience that helped me learn about what I really believe, and at times, strengthened those beliefs. Just because I didn’t accept each religion as a truth does not mean the experience itslef was shallow. It just means that the religion was unfulfilling despite the fact that it had taught me much. I apologize to anyone who got the feeling that any of these experiences were shallow, as that would be due to my ineptitude as a writer.

At any rate, I hope that clears some things up. Thanks for the nod, kavips!

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  1. March 18, 2008 8:17 pm

    “A most excellent clarification. “

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