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It’s the same as murder to me

March 11, 2008

Two cases where the British government is set to deport Iranian gay and lesbian asylum-seekers have made international news recently.

First is Mehdi Kazemi, a 19-year-old gay Iranian man who came to the UK to learn English in 2004. While he was in London, he learned that his boyfriend, still in Iran, had been charged with sodomy and executed. In a conversation with his father, Mr. Kazemi learned that his boyfriend was interrogated before he was executed and had named Mehdi as someone whom he had sexual relations with. It was then that Mr. Kazemi applied for asylum in the UK and was rejected. Terrified, he fled to the Netherlands where he now awaits a verdict of whether or not he will be sent back to Britain for deportation.

Pegah Emambakhsh, 40, is a lesbian Iranian who fled to the UK in 2005 after her girlfriend was arrested in Tehran. Her partner was convicted and and awaits execution by stoning. Ms. Emambakhsh is also fighting for asylum in Britain. She also narrowly avoided deportation while her case was waiting to be heard:

… but only after her local MP, Richard Caborn, and other parliamentarians persuaded the Government to allow her to stay while further legal avenues of appeal were explored. She says she was already on the way to Heathrow when she learnt of her last-minute reprieve. But last month the Court of Appeal turned down her application for permission for a full hearing.

I know I have voiced my disgust of these medieval Islamic regimes before in light of their gross violations of human rights, so I won’t go into yet another long diatribe against these worthless, dogmatic, monstrous pieces of shit. However, when a supposedly enlightened western government can even for a moment consider sending these poor people to their almost certain doom, it calls into question how far they really have come since the dark ages. Yes, they still have a royal family for some reason, but I thought that was pretty much their only tie to the ignorant past. As a western government, hell as humans they have the responsibility to help people in this situation.

However, instead they are treating the problem with predictable politician’s density:

In turning down Ms Emambakhsh and Mr Kazemi’s asylum applications, the Home Office has said that, provided Iranians are discreet about their homosexuality, they will not be persecuted.

So when, a few months after they’ve been deported and they are facing their executioners, Mr. Kazemi and Ms. Emambakhsh can take comfort in the fact that the British government did their job, and they’d be fine but for their lack of discretion.

Anyone who can turn their backs on people so critically needy of help should imagine what it would be like to live their victim’s lives. Do not doubt that, should these people be deported to Iran and executed, their blood is on Britain’s hands. I doubt that these British thugs would be so callous if it was their neck in a noose, or their bodies pelted by stones until they were bludgeoned to death.

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  1. March 11, 2008 4:07 pm


    many thanks for covering this. You can find more about the Urgent appeal for Mehdi Kazem here >

    and updates about the case here >


    Paul Canning

  2. March 16, 2008 9:07 am

    He’s been given a temporary reprieve:

    Thanks for post about this poor kid. Just last year Iran hung two gay teens and even televised the event.

  3. Samuel Skinner permalink
    March 16, 2008 1:49 pm

    It is like the S S Saint Louis. At least the French, Dutch and British were decent enough not to send them back to Nazi Germany…

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