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Bob Franken is a sanctimonious jerk

February 25, 2008

In related news, I’ve used “sanctimonious” in a sentence!

Bob Franken wrote a story for the Huffington Post where he details the relatively unbalanced political coverage in the campaign correspondents. I’ve talked about this before. He then, however, waxes righteous about the power of the press:

Sooner or later we realize that and try to get back into balance. That’s what we’re seeing now, or at least beginning to see.

That helps explain all the negative stories that popped up about McCain in the last few days. There is a collective consciousness in journalism that causes all of us at pretty much the same time, to try and knock our icons off the very pedestals we created for them.

So, according to Franken, the media makes them then capriciously rips them down. Interesting. I remember a time when the media was supposed to present a balanced view, reporting only the facts. I also remember a more recent time where they at least still pretended to do that.

What about Obama? So far he has been this campaign’s easy rider. But you can bet that all of my profession’s proud social misfits are looking very hard for chinks in this Lancelot’s armor… anything that might knock him off his horse. That explains why we swarmed when he was knocked off his stride by the charges of “plagiarism” Frankly, he recovered his balance fairly easily, but it was a reminder we are just looking for an excuse to pile on.

Oh yes, the few, the proud, the men and women who report with gleeful egocentricity according to the whim of their calling! Warrior-poets, they are!

Too much of this election race is manipulated by the marketers we call political consultants. They’re hired to try and control every facet of the candidates’ image. Unless the wretches in media are willing to withstand the election peer pressure and be true NON-believers, we might elect someone who has no business being our national leader.

Yes,  ye nobles of hearty constitution! Resist the pressure enacted upon you by the political consultants… unless it’s negative sotries or outright rumour, of course. Then, let the pressure wash over you and drown in it’s moist embrace!

That lesson is that journalism in the United States is supposed to be about skepticism. It’s time for us to help make sure we don’t neglect our obligation to try and make sure voters avoid placing a fraud at the highest level of government. The candidates for the most powerful job in the world need to withstand a tough challenge not just from their opponents, but from us.

Oh, and the voters.

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  1. February 26, 2008 9:13 am

    You mentioned in your Class post about the fact that if Obama had lost 11 straight primaries, the press would have declared him DOA. However, there is, by the MSM’s estimation, a sliver of hope for Clinton.

    There is none. It’s over. Stick a fork in her. The fat lady has sung.

    She will loose Texas and will probably loose Ohio. Her only win will be Rhode Island. And, what is Hillary’s next strategy, force Florida and Michigan down the party’s throat.

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