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Clinton prospects “daunting”

February 23, 2008

Clinton campaign advisers are showing a very different side to the Hillary Clinton campaign than is forwarded by her recent optimism.

“One adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak freely, said Obama’s 17-point Wisconsin victory on Tuesday had started to sink in as a decisive blow, given that the state had been viewed weeks earlier as a level playing field.”

“‘The mathematical reality at that point became impossible to ignore,’ the adviser said. ‘There’s not a lot of denial left at this point.’”

“Despite Clinton’s public pronouncements of optimism, this adviser said: ‘She knows where things are going. It’s pretty clear she has a big decision. But it’s daunting. It’s still hard to accept.’”

After 11 straight wins for Sen. Obama, the Clinton campaign faces an uncertain future. There doesn’t seem to be much support at this point for the continuation of her campaign, unless she scores decisive victories on March 4th. Also narrowing is he gap in superdelegate support, with Obama adding 25 superdelegates in the last two weeks and Clinton losing 2.

Clinton’s pledge to take the race all the way to the convention is not provoking the support that she expected either, with some in the party viewing her perseverance with a jaundiced eye.

“Some Democratic political sources said discussion has begun about encouraging Clinton to transition into a different party leadership role, one that could carry her on a path to becoming Senate majority leader. That course had been discussed even before Clinton announced her presidential campaign. ‘People who care about her are worried about her long-term future,’ the adviser said.”

In other words, it’s looking fairly grim for the Clinton campaign. The current feeling seems to be that a continuation of the Clinton campaign will be so divisive as to damage the party. I giess being a Clinton is less important than being a Democrat after all.

Read the full story via the Washington Post here.

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  1. Meggie permalink
    February 23, 2008 9:36 pm

    I know that there are many reasons NOT to like her. She’s a bitch. Hands down. Unquestionably. As the bumper sticker says, and I paraphrase, “Nice girls don’t make the history books” or something to that effect. I know she has done some shady things. But, my support for her really started to waiver when you posted that last bit about her “going after” the Superdelegates that were already pledging support to Obama. I just think that is wrong. It’s one thing to do everything you can to win, but it’s another to steal the other players marbles, just because you’re losing. On CNN there was an interview with “they” you know “they”? “They” are the ones that know everything. But, they were asked if they felt that Clinton (good thing I edited that typo….) would “ruin” the chances of another woman running or eventually becoming president. Their answer was no. They felt that there are more and more women everyday that are in high power positions and that eventually the right one will come along and will get the nomination. “They” said that this election has gotten more press and more involvement than any other in recent years and that it proves that people are more interested in people that are going to do the job rather than following race, sex, or political lines. I would be sad to see Clinton leave the race, as a woman, because I think that, as a woman, it would be “really neat” to have a woman in the White House (again), but I would rather have someone there that will be honest (as honest as you can be in Washington) and that doesn’t lower their own standards and sink to all new lows just because they’re not winning. So, it is with a heavy heart that I say that Hillary may just be at the point in the game where she should just take her marbles and go home because she isn’t playing nice and she isn’t winning and being a brat isn’t going to change the outcome. My only hope is that someday soon the RIGHT bitch will come along……….

    Go OBAMA!

  2. cassandra m permalink
    February 24, 2008 8:48 pm

    Clinton’s campaign advisers sure do alot of handwringing in the press, don’t you think? I just don’t trust anything except the count of the delegates. The Clintons were not so interested in the health of the Democratic Party when Bill was President, and I have no reason to think that they have changed their minds now. The one thing is everyone’s favor here is that she really does have to think about long-term survival and I think that is going to be very tough for her if she damages the party…….

  3. February 24, 2008 9:01 pm

    The Clintons have used the press to communicate false worry before. I’m guessing that that gambit makes a future win more relevant.

    And I do agree with your long-term survival vs. party damage. I don’t think the Clinton’s have the support to weather that anymore.

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