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Around the Horn Friday

February 23, 2008

As liberalgeek said, yesterday was the last day of the old ATHF format. You may be wondering, “What’s the new format?” Well, it’s pretty much the same thing with one two important differences:

  1. ATHF will be hosted in a round-robin format by volunteer bloggers. Any Delaware blogger can volunteer to host.
  2. Along with going out and finding stories that the host likes, the host will now be accepting submissions of stories that the DE bloggers are particularly proud of. Therefore if you write something damned good, you send it to the host for that week, and it will be featured on ATHF.

Submissions will be accepted from any DE blogger through Thursday, but please try to have them in as soon as you can to make it easier on the host. There will be a note in the current ATHF as to who the next host will be. Submissions must have written content, and for the sake of community-building cannot be ad hominem attacks on another blogger, though feel free to post counters to seomthing another blogger has written.

Currently, our volunteers for hosting are:

  2. Pencader Days
  3. Down With Absolutes!
  4. Delaware Curmudgeon
  5. kavips
  6. Jokers to the Right
  7. Mike’s Musings
  8. Tommywonk
  9. Merit-Bound Alley

If I missed anyone or others would like to host (it would be great to see more representation from the conservative bloggers out there), let one of us know!
Next week’s Around the Horn Friday will be hosted by me, so send your submissions to jmadjeski_at_gmail_dot_com.

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  1. February 23, 2008 5:39 pm

    Just wanted to say that I promised to be an active participant, just not a host…:-)

    Nice new layout here, Joe!

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