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Yeah, how about that?

February 19, 2008

Congressional Democrats, after years of patting themselves on the back, are surprised to discover backbones.

The majority party has weathered some harsh criticism since their 2006 victories, and deservedly so. Until now, they’ve barely done anything with the power that disenfranchisement with the Bush administration handed to them. However, even now, the House Dems “stand” on the federal wiretapping bill (which was passed by the Senate, btw) did not consist of voting it down, but by not holding a vote at all, allowing the bill to lapse.

This quote shows an unusual lack of guile:

One senior Senate Democratic aide says the White House has painted itself in a corner on immunity. “The White House overplayed their hand. They just assumed we’d cave because we always do cave, and we always have caved. Now we’re not. How about that?”

Finally, the Dems have put to good use their niche skill: doing nothing.

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