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2008 elections and -isms

February 17, 2008

An old white guy, a woman, and a black guy walk into a convention. The old white guy accuses the black guy of ageism, the white woman’s supporters accuse everyone of sexism, and the white woman’s husband is accused of making racist remarks against the black guy. Sounds like some kind of bad post joke, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s pretty much how the squabbling between the candidates is playing out.

CNN has an interesting article on Sexism v. Racism, and which is worse. Let me put my two cents in: they are both awful ways to view the world, and worse ways to decide an election! If race or gender have anybearing on your vote, then you are guilty of putting minutiae over actual issues and positions held by three strong candidates. This year is more important that that, folks. We are under the gun here to elect a president who can fix or continue to erode our civil rights, our world reputation, our economy, our education, our privacy, and more.

We have men and women dying on foreign soil, people. Get your fucking act together and focus on issues, not isms!

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