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Democratic primaries, Senator Clinton, and ethics

February 11, 2008

Watching the press coverage of the primaries, it not difficult to see that ethics is a factor in the Democratic primaries. Frank Rich of the New York Times wrote a great article that focuses Senator Clinton’s campaign ethics, with a lot of that centered on her campaign’s use of race relations since it’s beginning. I’m hoping some of my readers who support Sen. Clinton’s campaign, including a certain wife and mother-in-law who shall remain nameless, will seriously consider this article.

The article covers areas including:

  • A pale, scripted Town Hall that was televised with no media attention
  • An unethical and unsanctioned campaign in Florida, which gave no delegates, but in which Sen. Clinton declared a victory in a televised rally
  • The Clinton campaign’s funding struggle
  • Race relations, including racist comments by Bill Clinton and attempts to create racial dissent by a pollster hired by the Clinton campaign

That’s a lot of crap. It doesn’t even cover more recent travails, including: Obama sweeping the weekend primaries, losing their campaign manager, her willingness to take contributions from lobbyists, and plans to have party leadership ask Sen. Obama to stand down. The Clintons run a sleazy, completely unethical campaign, and history tells us they run the same kind of government.

The long and short of it is that we can’t continue to have this kind of crap in our government. The US will continue its downward slide if those two make it back into the White House.

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