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Another dick-hurt partisan

February 10, 2008

I know that partisan politics is full of creating insult where there is none, and unless someone spends more time weeding out possible insults than they do writing their speeches, another from the other team will find a reason to whine and bitch.

Today’s example is from Mark Finklestein blogging on Newsbusters who takes a compliment of McCain’s years of public service as an insult to the Republican future nominee’s age. The quote:

Now, I believe John McCain is a good man and a genuine American hero. And we honor his half-century of service to this nation.

This was said in a speech by Sen. Barack Obama at yesterday’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Yes, the Senators mention of McCain’s laudable 50 years of service is a slight on the mans age. Good thing Finklestein didn’t hear Obama’s compliment of Sen. Clintons “7 years out of the kitchen” or Huckabee’s “years of rule over the fictional land of Mayberry”.

A word of advice to Mr. Finklestein: stop looking for insult where there is none, ice that crotch, and man up before writing another article.

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