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Why not Hillary

January 8, 2008

Pharyngula has posted a wonderful email that he received which makes some interesting points. Here’s a few clips, but please read the full post.

Like in the witchery, at her age of 61 years old Senator Hillary RODHAM CLINTON is to become overnight a candidate for a change, pulling a rabbit out of her hat. This can happen only in the witchcraft that she and her husband William J. CLINTON, former President reportedly believe in and practice.

She returned to have co-run the White House with her husband William J. CLINTON as President and to have done so under the their motto “to elect one and to get two”.

Senator Hillary RODHAM CLINTON belongs to the old generation of outgoing (extroverted? -ed.) leaders with the past visions. She relies upon the political oldies (“We Shall Overcome” -ed.) in developing, presenting and eventually implementing the vision which does not meet the present needs of the American people.

As the standard procedure, KGB and GRU recruit and ensure careers for those who give their souls to the communist movements. As reported by the American media, co-presidents William & Hillary CLINTONS pursued the policy of financing KGB and GRU during the tenure of President Boris YELTSIN and facilitating their transformation into the Russian global organized crime.

This email, abysmal grammar and all is a gem that was perfectly summed up by Pharyngula commenter, Scrofulum:

At last, sensible political punditry.

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