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We get hugs

November 15, 2007

My daughter is quickly becoming a better source of comedy than my own brain, and that doesn’t bother me. It’s kinda nice to give the old yuk-machine a break once in a while.

We have a little baby walker/scooter/basketball game that appeared at the house one afternoon. I left the house in the morning, and when I got back it was simply there with no explanation, colorfully mocking causality. I would like to note that I love how baby toy manufacturers are now trying to make old concepts new by combining them into a clever, albeit random, mix of normal toys. It makes sense to me to have a baby walker turn into a scooter. That way, the baby walker can be hidden away from the prying eyes of nanny-state Canadian Federales. Adding a basketball game to this device seems to be a prime example of random genius, and I’m eagerly awaiting Mattels new doll house/high chair/apple corer.

Anyway, I was playing the basketball game with Erin and we tied by each making two baskets. Erin yells, “I win!” Well, I’m not one to be cheated, especially by a three year old girl, so I grabbed her, yelling, “WINNERS GET TICKLES!!!” and tickled the hell out of her.

Seeing that I easily had her one raw strength, she wisely decided to wage a mental war on morale. She wrapped her arms around me and yelled, “LOSERS GET HUGS!!!” It’s good that she’s learned what I am so early; it relieves me of an uncomfortable conversation later in life where I explain why I’m 70 and wearing shirts with the Triforce on them.

Cute little bitch.

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  1. Ed T. permalink
    November 19, 2007 12:12 pm

    Invest in a lumber company brother, cause when it comes time to date you will be beating them off with sticks…

    Oh and you are welcome to dip into my basement collection if you need to as you have two to my one little girl(s)!

  2. Meggie permalink
    November 19, 2007 4:55 pm

    Thanks, Ed….

    Yeah, but you’re mine. And I give hugs too. Love you!

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