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Joey “Empty Pockets”

October 16, 2007

You may remember an earlier storyof mine about the former Superintendent of Christina School District, who bankrupted the district and headed off to sunny Florida. Well, this has even my skeptical mind considering the possibility of karma.

Brought to you by the WNJ, it seems Mr. “Pockets” made a nuisance of himself and got summarily and unceremoniously canned. Sincerely, my heart goes out to him and I truly hope he makes it through this rough patch and rises from the… pfffffHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Whew, couldn’t even make it past that bit of sarcasm.

In all seriousness, Joey, tough break with your cushy job going tits-up and all! Don’t come back!

UPDATE: Liberalgeek is always one step ahead! Curses!

UPDATE 2: I am slow.

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  1. October 16, 2007 7:12 pm

    So, where does he go from Florida? Maybe we should send him to t North Korea and let him run something over there.

    We could use him for to effect bloodless regime change.

  2. October 16, 2007 7:47 pm

    I say we send him to China, where he can piss away all their money on dangerous and useless projects. Oh wait, they’ve got that.

    Or, how about send him to Iraq, give him a leadership position, and he can cheese it with all their strong government. Oh, wait, we failed to give them that.

    Geez, Dana, I don’t know. It’s a conundrum. Let’s just fire him into the sun. The hot air should keep it going for an extra billion or so years.

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