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Seattle: The 3rd and final

October 14, 2007

Welcome to Part 3! Let’s hop right into it, shall we?


This photo gives a good idea of what the sky can look like in the Seattle area. After this was taken, the sky went from sunny to rain in the space of about 10 minutes.


Roll for initiative. This big D&D die is apparently a “sculpture” outside of the Seattle Museum of Art. I suppose that white sedan you can see in the museum through the window is also “sculpture”. Also, if you don’t like geeky D&D jokes, go read someone else’s blog.


Continuing on the works of art path, this little witticism was plastered outside of a free admission strip club right across the street from the museum. Considering what I saw outside of the museum, I have little doubt there were better sculpted forms inside. However, being a gentleman, I didn’t enter. Hear that Meg? I DIDN’T! PUT THE ROLLING PIN DOWN!!


Here is a sign for the Sanitary Public Market. I wanted pics of the Unsanitary Market, but that one wasn’t Public.


Inside the Pike Street Market (where I again didn’t see them throw fish), was the Big Shoe Museum. What you see there is the entire museum, so I had to see if the shoes themselves were big. Man, were those shoes fucking big! I did not take pictures of the shoes themselves, as it cost me $1 to see them all. If you want to see them, go to Seattle yourself. Bring a dollar.


This is the previous proprietor of the magic and practical joke shop in the Pike Street Market. The current proprietor is in better shape, but no by much.


This is a map store where I was privileged to take my first picture of an honest to goodness ghost! If you look carefully, you can just barely see it inside the green circle. I’m gonna be rich!


Here is the Seattle pic that every tourist takes. Just after shooting it, I asked a passing police officer if it was some kind of law that everyone takes this photo. He told me I’d be fined if I didn’t. That, or “I’d be fine”. I really wasn’t paying attention.


This is a shot of the storefront of Kells Irish Pub. Inside you will find very pretty waitresses and likely the best house beer that I’ve ever had. Hear that, Piece of Ireland? You’re in trouble!


This is a pic from the front of Kells and back towards Stewart Street (I think). I took this one because I was, like, all moved by the light and perspective an’ shit.


Lastly, we have this photo of an apartment owned by a family of floating skulls. I felt bad about the invasion of their privacy, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Well, that’s it for Seattle. Still rates an A+, but I’ll be goddamned if I spend another second there within the next five years.

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