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Seattle: A Running Review, Part 2

October 6, 2007

Since I’ve gotten the photo links fixed on Part 1, I figured the time was right to throw some more up here.


This is a really nice merry-go-round which makes it’s residence in a small arcade on the pier. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an arcade that was more deserted than this, and it leads me to believe that this is a haunted merry-go-round. Haunted by a legion of dizzy ghosts and one duck.


This is me getting friendly with Peg-leg Phil, the most fearsome pirate of the Puget Sound. Legend has it that Phil pillaged the young city of Seattle and he was turned into a plastic statue by the curse of a bereaved Shaman. He was later placed in front of this pirate store and rumour says that he will come alive to pillage again on the day that a bearded Irish/Polish man stands to his left for a photo. So close, Phil! Maybe next time.


This is an interesting old clock that was found on the pier after a fire and was restored to it’s original functioning glory. Apparently, in Seattle, “original functioning glory” means adding an electric motor that runs off of street power and a Duracell battery backup. Also, you can see Tom and Greg playing the lamest game of Hide-and-seek ever.


I was not wild abut this building until I learned that inside, the government makes a food substance to stave off the hunger of the masses. You can’t see it here, but there is a long line of homeless people waiting to get in, but they never seem to come back out. The food substance is then delivered throughout the poorer parts of the city. Here’s a clue for you, Seattle: IT’S PEOPLE!!!!


This is a statue of notable Seattle artist, Horatio McGnagle who cut off his hand as a gift for a beautiful prostitute. The hand was lost in the mail but was found delivered to Horatio’s true love 70 years later at her current residence, Lake View Cemetery. Eat your heart out, Van Gogh. (It should also be noted here that eating his heart out was exactly how McGnagle died, after another incident of unrequited love with a small dachshund called “Terror”.)


And we end our picture tour Part 2 with a picture of the storefront for Lark in the Morning, a really great musical instrument merchant that I have purchased from and happened to forget was located in Seattle. It is owned by Batman.

More pics and lies coming! Stay tuned!


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