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Seattle: A running review

October 4, 2007

Well, I’ve been in Seattle since Sunday and have gotten to sample some of the local culture and tourist stops. These posts will be mainly for my wonderful wife, but I’m sure a lot of you Delaware miscreants will find useful information. Enjoy the pics!


Here is the city from the back of a Dodge Charger. Yes, the car is nice, and no, it’s not worth the cost of ownership. Get used to that gray in the sky. You’ll see it in all my pics.


Welcome to the Puget Sound. This photo was taken from the top of the hill on Stewart Street. The tops of the building you see are the Pike Marketplace, where you can see folks throw fish. Apparently, throwing fish is a big attraction, and no, I haven’t yet gotten photos of people throwing fish.


I just liked this apartment building.


This is Gigantor, the hugest ship ever! Not really, but it is the biggest I have ever laid my provincial eyes on. This picture was taken from about 100 miles away, which makes Gigantor approximately 1400 miles long, or the length of one billion football fields.

PS: It is not really called Gigantor, but probably something stupid, like the Queen Isabella.


So, this is me, in all my rotund glory in front of a really neat fountain by the Seattle Aquarium.


This is me, 2 seconds later, really having to pee, for some reason.


And, that’s Greg. If I were to review him, he’d get and A++ as a swell guy.


And, that’s Sparkles, pretending to be a man. Note the “Bay Area” t-shirt. That means he’s from the ‘hood. He also rates an A++ for swellness.

By this point, Seattle gets an A+++ for being a fun and beautiful place. You maybe can’t see it from my photos or brevity, but this is a great city. Cleaner than Philly (what isn’t) and more character than New York (what hasn’t).

Please be patient for the second installment of Seattle: A running review.

If anyone would like to see more pics (including those I have not reviewed yet, please visit My Photo Album.

PS: Although folks say it rains in Seattle constantly, we’ve had a huge amount of sunshine here, and it’s the “rainy season”. The above photos are not indicative of the overall weather we’ve been having.

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  1. Meggie permalink
    October 4, 2007 6:27 pm

    Thanks for the pics, hon!!! Looks really nice. Maybe next time you won’t “forget to bring us.” I miss you. Erin loved the carousel! Smooches!

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