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Addition to the blogroll

September 23, 2007

Now, I don’t normally announce these, since most of my adds are part of our incestuous little group of Delaware miscreants. However, the Friendly Atheist written by Hemant Mehta is one of the best atheist blogs out there.

You may have heard of Hemant as the guy who sold his soul on Ebay, and subsequently wrote a book about the experience. I Sold My Soul on Ebay details Hemants trips to several churches, from small to mega, and gives a constructive critique to Christians on how to better relate to their secular brothers and sisters. Read this book. Hemant is probably the most open-minded atheist I’ve ever come across and his willingness to show kindness to religious folk while still challenging their beliefs give the rest of us heathens a solid example of tolerance and compassion to learn from.

Check out the Friendly Atheist if you like well-written, humorous, and intelligent blogs. If you don’t, stick around here. Chances are I’ll have something innocuous or vitriolic posted about pirates or makeup-wearing politicians before too long.

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