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The anti-hero

September 15, 2007

I’ve come to the realization that the anti-hero is completely a fabrication. There is no person that will save us even though s/he seemed evil at first. Think about it: do you see Bush as turning face and proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was vying for the people of the USA all along? Do you see the unfathomable weakness of the Dems in office as having played cards that will finally make this a country that we can be proud of again?

Face it, Americans. Bush is just a dumbass that may have once thought that he was a saviour. The Dems are exactly the limp dishrags they have proven themselves to be. We are not going to find surprise salvation from the person who claimed to be the hero all along. That’s movie shit. You’ll see that in a video game.

The simple fact is, you can judge people by their actions. Bush seems like a complete dumbass, and chances are that he is. Cheney seems like that evil overlord of the administration, and chances are that he is. Condi, Rodriguez, Snow: if they seem like the administration mouthpieces (and nothing more) then chances are, that’s exactly what they are.

The writing is on the wall, folks. None of these are the ill-favored ranger who turns out to be the noble King. In fantasy world, Bush would have had a clever plan all along, Condi Rice would have been facilitating it, and Tony Snow would have been the narrator of the biggest fantasy in history: that we had a government that we could trust, rely on, and have faith in.

Unfortunately, we are not living a wonderful fantasy novel where everything will come together by book three. Bush is as stupid as he seems, the Democratic majority is just as impotent as it seems, and the candidates for2008 are just as shifty and untrustworthy as they seem. America no longer has a hero, and I doubt that we even have the capacity to create one. Every year, we will choose the lesser of a group of evils, and the people that are caught up in the fiction of the anti-hero will be the ones that think they have made a difference.

And the real heroes, the ones who struggle to gain a position where they can enact some change, will continue to be ignored by the Americans who buy into the fantasy of the anti-hero.

UPDATE: This wasn’t supposed to be as despairing as it sounded. The message that I wanted to get through is that we still have the choice of our representation. If someone seems like a power-hungry bitch, DON’T vote for her (no subtlety there).

Be jaded. Be a cynic. Be skeptical. Be an American. Goodness knows, that’s what we need in this day and age.

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