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Slant in American Radio

June 24, 2007

A few bloggers have touched on a report released by the Center for American Progress and the Free Press that details the wide gap in programming in American Radio. At first, I wasn’t too concerned. I mean, who doesn’t know that media is always slanted (if not outright crooked)?

However, after reading the first page of the introduction, I saw how insidious and horrid this slant has become:

Among radio formats, the combined news/talk format (which includes news/talk/information and talk/personality) leads all others in terms of the total number of stations per format and trails only country music in terms of national audience share. *

*Emphasis mine

Then the report goes on to say a bunch of other stuff, but I couldn’t see past the blinding fear of realizing that country music holds the highest audience share. This kind of slant in our airwaves must be curbed if the decent American Way of life can be obtained and protected.

How are our children going to know that there is a way of life outside of pickup trucks, rifles, and coon dogs? Will our sons be resigned to allowing their wives to run off with said pickup truck because they know of no other way to live? Will our daughters grow up with horrible heel blisters because they just don’t know that there are other shoes than boots that are made for walkin’. Softer shoes, better shoes, sneakers for instance.

Radio stations of America, it is your solemn duty to present other viewpoints in you programming. I’m talking rock and roll, baby, and not that pussy Garth Brooks pseudo-rock-but-really-redneck-whining shit. Stop trying to turn our children into hayseed sucking, John Deer hat wearing, country drawling zombies.

If you don’t, we’ll legislate it.

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  1. June 24, 2007 6:40 pm

    LOL! Man, if there’s ONE thing that needs to be curbed at all costs, it’s definitely country music!!!

  2. Meggie permalink
    June 29, 2007 7:03 am

    “I’m a redneck woman. I ain’t no high-class broad….”

    Oh, and by the way—your daughter loves this song!!!!

    “I said, hell yeah….HELL YEAH”
    – Gretchen Wilson, “Red-neck Woman”

    Country music LIVES!!!!!

  3. June 29, 2007 8:06 am

    And I married her, folks.

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