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DE Lethal Injection Lawsuit Revisited

June 11, 2007

It seems that the lawsuit against lethal injection’s constitutionality in DE has been pushed back to October to give the plaintiffs more time to prepare. I wonder if this is due to the creator of the three-drug cocktail saying that it is time that the formula be changed.

When the creator of the process is saying:

“Now there are other agents that work much faster and much easier,” Chapman said, specifically pointing out an anesthetic called Diprivan. “Absolutely [Diprivan] would be better [for an execution]. If you’re wanting to give someone something so there’s no sensation, no awareness of what’s going on, that’s the drug.”


When asked why he included the asphyxiation drug in his formula, Chapman answered, “It’s a good question. If I were doing it now, I would probably eliminate it.”


Chapman still stands by his formula as a sound — if not perfect — method of execution. “It works if it’s administered competently,” he said. “But you have to have some skills to do it. You have to have the ability to find a vein and mix the drugs, because [some of them] come as a powder.”

keeping in mind that doctors and anesthesiologists are barred from the process due to the Hippocratic oath, it seems  that there’s some new opinion out there. Also, it may be possible that just maybe the field of medicine has advanced enough in the last 25 years to at least have a process that doesn’t leave prisoners convulsing in agony as they are killed.

Enjoy your extra month, Delaware Death Row inmates. Even though reason shows that this is an incredibly cruel punishment, I fear that your suit, against all evidence, will not be successful.

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