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Catholic church enters the end of the 20th century

April 28, 2007

The Catholic church as finally sent the message that beyond a shadow of a doubt, the faithful must finally take seriously God’s charge to be the stewards of the earth. It would seem that the catalyst for this is the new pope, Darth Benedict, who according to Vatican sources is “is far more engaged in the green debate than John Paul.” The Dread Lord Benedict was heard to say, “If we let global warming destroy the earth, what will I test my Death Star on?” He then cursed the Rebel Alliance and fell down into the reactor core.

All joking aside, I am happy that the church is starting to take it’s responsibility to the welfare of the earth seriously. It will be nice to see them use their lobbying power for a positive goal, rather than it’s medieval distaste for birth control.

Thanks to TPN for the heads-up!

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