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Sen. Joe Biden takes a stance on creamy Ovaltine

December 4, 2006

Well, not really Ovaltine, but Joe is taking his cue from something else that doesn’t really concern him. Seeing the news about the mysterious death Alexandre Litvinenko apparently put a bug up the butt of the Biden Dynasty founder to start putting the thumbscrews on Vladimir Putin. Apparently, Joe saw CNN sometime in the past couple of weeks, looked up Putin on Wikipedia (on the Internets), and recognized the name. Biden was heard to say that he has not been a big fan of Putin after the Russian President “wiped that big red splotch off of his head.”

I kid because I love. In reality, Biden thinks “that Russia is sliding further away from genuine democracy and a free-market system and more toward a command economy and the control of a single man.” Biden is not considering removal of Russia from the G-8 summit, a political meeting between the heads of the eight countries that control, I mean represent, about 65% of the worlds economy. Biden says, “”I would consider laying down markers about whether or not, as he continues to consolidate power within that economy and in that country, whether or not he warrants continued membership.”

In other words, he doesn’t support kicking him out, but supports seeing if they should kick him out if Putin’s behaviour of consolidating economic power under him continues. Get it?

One might wonder if Joe Biden is chiming in about Putin after the Polonium scandal as a way to get his name out there on big issues to test the waters for a presidential bid. That would be a shocking misuse of the media.

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  1. Ed T. permalink
    December 5, 2006 10:00 am

    A shocking misuse of the media? You mean there is a good use for the media these days aside from direct slander and to post the skewed version of what really happens in the world? Wow, I seem to be watching the all the wrong channels! Bring me the head of John the Baptist and some human interest stories now won’t you Mr. O’Reilly?

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