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Dems take first steps with maturity and aplomb

November 9, 2006

While the newsrags are full of quips about Bush eating crow at todays luncheon with Nancy Pelosi, the new majority seems to be comporting themselves with dignity and maturity. Soon-to-be Speaker Pelosi has already taken a Bush impeachment off the table, and many of the returning and new Democratic Congress members are advocating not backlash and revenge, but responsibility. This seems to me to be a good move for the Dems, and I hope it’s not a move to just get a Democratic president in 2008. My sincerest hope is that they truly do understand that rabid, divisive partisanship has to end in order for this country to start running smoothly again. It’s plain that it couldn’t happen under the leadership of the GOP (and I’m not blaming the Rs), and I hope that this maturity found from majority is a trend rather than a spin.

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