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Midterm Election Results

November 8, 2006

Well, like most people, I am rather disappointed in the election results. I was hoping to see Carper and Castle booted, and was denied. The most disappointing is Ferris Wharton’s bewildering loss. It just goes to show that nepotism and bullshit lies, not experience, are what it takes to get votes in Delaware. It’s a crying shame that all the straight-ticketers missed the opportunity to elect elect a man that was going treat the AGs office with the stability and dignity it deserves, but instead elected a man who is going to use the office as a simple stepping-stone.

On a brighter note, I’m happy with the way the Auditor race turned out. I have every confidence that Tom Wagner is going to pursue his job with the same dedication he has shown in the past. Tom was kind enough to give me a few moments to talk about the Christina investigation. See the previous post for that.

There is one particular election that I have mixed feelings about, and that is the 1st Senate seat. On one hand, I realize that it’s fantastic that Tyler got 6% considering the resources he had available, and I’m happy for him. On the other, and this may be my green idealism showing, I really was hoping for a win. I guess all we can do is wait for the next run. Tyler will always have my support in any way I can give it.

On the national front, it came as no surprise that the Dems took the house. I’ll be looking forward to see how Montana and Virginia decide the Senate majority. I was also very happy to see Rick Santorum lose his seat to Casey. I don’t know why I dislike Santorum so much; it may be because he comes off as such a slimeball, and normally votes exactly opposite of what is right for this country. Yeah, that’s probably it.
As it turns out, I was able to make it to the GOP party, but tired out before I could make it to the Dems. The mood there was fairly grim as more and more results popped up blue. I almost felt pity when I saw Priscilla Rakestraw’s sour expression thoughout the night, but giggled instead. I got to hang with Mike Matthews for a while, met John Allison of Kilroy’s Delaware and Ryan S. of Jokers to the Right, and generally had a fun time. A moment of note was when Mike and I inadvertently offended one GOPer by giving thanks for Santorum’s well-deserved loss. This got the GOPers notice, who then asked us why we were happy about that. I replied that I was happy he lost because Santorum is so sleazy. GOPer went away.

Another interesting moment had me chuckling and shaking my head in disbelief. As I was leaving, and having a cigarette outside the lobby, who pulls up but Nick Manolakos and his crew. I didn’t get to see his broken sideview mirror, but what I did see was a woman (I assume his wife) get out of the car, sees me having a smoke, wearing a shirt that can only be described as “snazzy”, and listening to my Tom Wagner interview from my voice recorder and asks, “Are you parking cars?”

UPDATE: I did not park the car.


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