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Dawn of a New Age?

October 28, 2006

The Republican Senate Caucus recently blew the doors off of the Delaware politics doors recently with the announcement of a five-point plan to open up the government. This move, 10 days before the midterm elections, is forcing the Dems to to stand and support their bold move or be forever lambasted as Haters of Democracy.

Folks like Karen E. Peterson have been fighting for this for years, with little to no support from some of the Republican Senators supporting this new plan. So, what caused this 180-degree turn? Were the Rs visited the night before by the Ghosts of Democracy Past, and woke with love in their hearts, finally buying us Cratchits our Freedom Turkey? Wow, that was a tortured metaphor. Someone call Gitmo.

Does it even matter what caused this? I see a huge benefit to the people of Delaware in this move. People like Tyler Patrick Nixon and Jason over at Delaware Liberal have been fairly vocal that their parties need some fixing. Will this be the catalyst for that? The Republicans move seems to be the crowbar in the door to give these worthy folks who are not blinded by party loyalty the foot in to start to hold the hands of the parties and help them take those tentative first steps back to their former glory, where they did work for the people, and not self-glorification.

I am an idealist at heart, and I see nothing but good coming out of this as it will begin to put more power in the hands of the people to enact even more change.

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