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Tyler Patrick Nixon

October 24, 2006

This post is far too long in coming. Most people that know of Tyler and his campaign for the 1st Senate District. I first heard of him from Down With Absolutes! and Delaware Watch, then did a little reading through the few (at the time) articles about him and some of his posts on, and was inspired to send him a supportive email, which I will share:

Mr. Nixon,

I have never been a supporter of a GOP candidate until I started reading about you and your campaign. I’ve read through your website, and through posts you’ve made on , and I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing from a candidate with the integrity, enthusiasm, and pride in civil service as you show in every view I’ve heard from you. I am not a constituent in your district, but I will be pulling for you to win it handily. Hold fast to your principles and keep getting your word out and the people will understand the value in electing you.

More’s the pity to this state and it’s people if they don’t.

Warm Regards,
Joseph J. Madjeski

PS An early Happy Birthday to you. I will be turning 30 on the 16th!

Tyler and I have kept in touch since then, and I have volunteered for his campaign, and hope to be able to help out before the 7th. Tyler is a unique candidate in that he has a platform that almost anyone who wants to improve Delaware can agree with. His progressive views on energy, the environment, open government and more are tempered by his rock-solid conservative economics.

Tyler also has an inspiring charisma and energy that will be invaluable in the State Government. He is not a politician, but a public servant and his passion to work for us is obvious and undeniable. These merits are coupled with an ability to gather people from traditionally opposing viewpoints to support the issues that he represents. That shows an almost unprecedented level of leadership, and shows that service to Delaware is far more important to Tyler than partisanship.

I can’t vote for Tyler, as I am not in his district, but I wholeheartedly support him with any time and money that I can. Having Tyler in office will help all of Delaware.

PS: Yes, Tyler and I do share a birthday, but my praise is not due to 09/16 partisanship.


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