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Cast out James Vaughn

October 23, 2006

I’m calling to all the good people of the 14th Senatorial District to relieve Senator Vaughn of duty. Senator Vaughn has been described many times as an enemy of democracy, and it tough to find stronger words than that. But I’ll try. The antediluvian James T. Vaughn is the Chair of the State Senate Judiciary Committee, a position gives him the dubious power to hold a bill from ever being voted on by the Senate. One of these is SB 94, a laudable effort sponsored by the 9th’s Karen E. Peterson to include the General Assembly under the FOIA, which has been held in Senator James Vaughn’s desk drawer for the last 18 months, with little hope of ever seeing the light of day.

Oh, that Desk Drawer. Not since Charybdis has there been a more lethal trap. Vaughn has often and lovingly bragged about the numerous bills that he has dictatorially withheld from the voting floor, no doubt with a smug grin and satanic twinkle in his jaundiced eye. Dana Garrett of Delaware Watch has started a great series documenting bills that have been swallowed by Senator Vaughn’s lack of ethics. A lack of ethics is exactly what it is when Senator Vaughn can so consistently and so brazenly thumb his nose at the Democratic process that makes this country great.

14th, you have the unique opportunity to aid all of Delaware by ending Vaughn’s arbitrary exercises of petty authority. The other districts can vote in people who can end the control of the Chair, but only you can exorcise the GA of the man that so monstrously abuses it. Only then can the people of Delaware see worthy legislation come to a vote. Please do your duty for Delaware, look James Vaughn in the eye and say, “Get thee behind me!”


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