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Muslim High-schoolers show Bravery During Ramadan

October 21, 2006

The NewsJournal printed a story today about Muslim high-schoolers and how their Ramadan fasting affects their sports play. Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset during Ramadan to practice denial and discipline as an act of faith. This obviously has a negative affect on athletic performance, causing fatigue and sometimes cramping.

That’s interesting, but I think the real story about these kids is the show of bravery in choosing to display their faith in a misunderstood religion, and in front of high-schoolers, no less. High school is not a place that welcomes differences from the status quo, and the athletes seem to be expected to show an almost inhuman level of conformity.

One boy even had to suffer being called “Osama” throughout a game by the opposing team. I wonder how well they would take to being called “Torquemada” by their teammates. Oh, wait, they were Delaware students, so they probably would have no fucking clue about the reference.

Few enough high-schoolers have the guts to display their differences in front of their peers, so it is a testament to these Muslim children’s courage that they will display their oft-maligned faith in front of some of the cruelest people the world has to offer: other high-schoolers.

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