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Joey “Pockets”

October 21, 2006

You have to respect Christina School District Superintendent Lillian Lowery. She gets here in January, finds a huge financial mess left by Joseph Wise and his Wiseguys, and here’s the great part: she sticks around to fix it! Well, looks like the hits keep on coming for the beleaguered district as state auditor Thomas Wagner Jr. found $2.8 million misappropriated from programs for special needs students.

It also turns out that Wagner is working with Attorney General Carl Danberg to see is criminal charges are a good way to go.

The largest violation was $1.2 million spent without a referendum to renovate the Pyle School Building for Sarah Pyle Academy, an alternative school for students not succeeding in traditional classrooms. Delaware law requires that capital improvement projects greater than $500,000 be approved by taxpayers.

Carl, the answer is “Yes.”

Meanwhile, Joey “Pockets” Wise is living it up in good ol’ Duval County renovating his offices. One wonders if he took that money from the special education programs or simply stole it from wheelchair-bound children in the park.

So, Carl, please drag Mr. Wise by his lovely comb-over back to DE to face charges.

In other news, Beau Biden is pre-emptively planning a Special Force to Retrieve Joseph Wise headed by Dog, the Bounty Hunter.

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  1. Nancy Willing permalink
    October 24, 2006 3:33 pm

    ouch Newark residents are getting it right and’s WNJ has the former finance director claiming Wagner singled her out by race.
    Delawareans will not put up with this junk.

    Wagner will get the sympathy vote from this bs


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