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15 minutes

October 21, 2006

In 15 minutes, Progressive Voices will be starting, with a program about GLBT rights. Please listen in and contribute, as this could be a very important show.


I feel I must say that I don’t think there is a more noble purpose than equal rights for everyone in this country. I also feel, that in consideration of the answer I got from Larry Peterson, that he and the Haven group seem to be dropping the ball.

I called in to tonights Progressive Voices show. My question for the guests was (paraphrased), “What are you doing to educate todays candidates about the topics that are so important to you?”

Unfortunately, I was not completely satisfied with the answer, which seemed to be that they have a democratic group that talks to democrats about equal rights for gays. The Delaware Stonewalls are a group that:

is committed to working within the Democratic Party to assure that the Party lives up to its Platform of being an inclusive Party.

In a state such as Delaware, where there is no support for GLBT rights outside of the Dems, it falls to Haven to pick up the slack. Especially in a time such as this, where the rule of the incumbents could not be in more jeopardy, the GLBT community has the unique opportunity to educate all of the candidates to the issues that they represent. To limit themselves to the Democrats seems to me to be a huge oversight, especially when they have the resource of a young and idealistic candidacy.

Believe me, it pains me to criticize a group that I so agree with, but Haven needs to do more than preach to the choir. They need to start educating those that may not already agree with their message. They may find that many of this years candidates may support their message.

Equal rights for all Americans is not a point to be taken lightly, and Haven has a message than can change civil rights in this country. I hope they realize the potential for empowerment before this years election is over.

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